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Derbyshire Local Offer is currently being revamped and to ensure it is more user friendly and contains relevant information we would like you to carry out this short survey to give your views, ideas and feedback to contribute to the development of the new site.

The Local Offer Survey

If you haven’t already seen the Local Offer you can check it out here: 

Derbyshire Local Offer

SEND Process In Derbyshire

REPORT AVAILABLE HERE  2018 Survey Report – SEND Process in Derbyshire

How have you found the Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) Process In Derbyshire?

We want you views positive and negative, we carried out this survey throughout January and February last year and it would be great to have a comparison just over a year on.

This survey will be open from Monday 21st May 2018 to Friday the 20th July, this will be reported back to the you as parent/carers within a week, this will also be reported back to the Local Authority  with recommendation.

A further comparative report will be issued shortly after.

Here is the link SEND Process In Derbyshire Survey  and we look forward to reading your views.

Thank you in advance for your time, we hope this will support the good practice and remedy the bad


Quick Snap Surveys

Reports now available here: Survey Results

We have two surveys that are available from Thursday the 12th April until Sunday the 15th April to review previously looked at areas.

We carried out a surveys on the GRIP (Graduated Response for Individual Pupil) in March-April 2017 and we would like to see if those views have changed over the year.

We also asked the question a few months ago if parent/carers were aware of what My SEND Learning Plan was and if so was it useful.

We are reporting on this to the Local Authority on Monday the 16th of April, this report will also be on this website for you to view.

Thank you in advance for your time.

GRIP Survey

My SEND Learning Plan


Consultation on Residential and Foster Care Placements

Report available here

Derbyshire County Council has commissioned the charity Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice from January to mid-February 2018 to consult with:

  • Parent and carers of children with additional needs using residential or foster care, including respite care
  • Parent carers of children with additional needs that do not use residential or foster care
  • Paid staff that work alongside families of children with additional needs for example, Social Workers, Foster Carers, Community Care Workers, Health Workers, Residential Staff, Outreach Workers etc.

The consultation seeks your views on the relative strengths and disadvantages of foster and residential care as a placement option for children with additional needs.

Please follow the appropriate link below to access the survey’s, thank you in advance for your time.

Parent Carers That DON’T USE an Overnight Placement Service

Parent Carers of Children Under 18 Using an Overnight Placement Service

Professionals (including Foster Carers)


Your Views Required

Does your child/young person have a My SEND Learning Plan? We NEED to hear your feedback on the process, your involvement and how you think it is working.


Your Views Required

The below link is a letter from the Derbyshire County Council to gain your views, please take a little time to have a look and follow the links on the letter so send your views.

Letter to parents and children for POET Survey


Service Gaps?

Have you been affected since the closure of Children’s Centres or the end of Aiming High?

We have developed a working relationship with Healthwatch Derbyshire and now hold regular meetings to discuss what issues are currently being faced through health social care services and if these issues are becoming a trend!  If this is the case a piece of work is carried out to see how changes can be made to resolve these continuing issues.

While we also work alongside Disabled Children’s Social Care Service our first request of calling for evidence matches both of these areas.

The area in we would like to hear from you is in the gaps in services since the closure of Children’s Centres, we appreciate that this number may be limited to families with children/young people with SEND.  So we would like to know what gaps have arisen since the end of Aiming High funding in September 2016.

Please complete the form below, this information will be used in relation to Healthwatch Derbyshire and Disabled Children’s Social Care Service.  If you would like to remain anonymous please say.  If you would like us to use your details please give us your name and your child/young person’s name as some cases will be looked into to look at the service previously provided and if there is possibility of a service being provided.

GRIP (Graduated Response for Individual Pupil) in Derbyshire

In Derbyshire the Local Authority provide funding for pupils whose needs are not being met through SEN Support but felt not appropriate to begin the process for an Education, Health and Care Plan.

If you have had experience of going through the GRIP process, please complete our survey below.  This information will be used to make the process easier to access and understand.  Schools are also being sent a school related survey on the GRIP to support their access and understanding.

GRIP Survey


We have a quick Questionnaire on SEND Transport

We are taking your views forward to initiate a Transport Task Group, more views we get the more we can influence the direction of this group.

The group will be lead by the project manager who is doing the annual transport review and parents and carers.  After this initial questionnaire we may need too do a Survey Monkey to get expand to get views where Derbyshire County Council need them to inform their decision.

SEND Transport Survey 2017 once completed please email to (no need to print it out just over type in the boxes).  We will finish taking comments on the 31st March but will keep you updated on our work.

Parents and carers are working alongside the local authority with this and if you are interested in joining a task group please let us know by contacting us filling the contact form below.

Speech & Language Therapy Consultation

The Bercow: Ten Years On inquiry is open. Share your experiences of support for speech, language and communication needs.


Changes to Children’s Surgery & Anaesthesia Services

We are currently consulting on proposals to change the way children’s surgery and anaesthesia services are provided in the region.

Click below to find out more and have your say

Consultation Document and Survey

SEND Process in Derbyshire

The Local Authority has a legal duty to assess and cater for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN). They work in partnership with schools and also provide specialist support services and facilities for a range of learning and behavioural problems and for physical and sensory impairments.

Schools have a responsibility to make provision for pupils with special educational needs (SEN). This support might be:

SEN Support

GRIP (Graduated Response to Individual Pupils)

ETAEYS (Funding for Early Years)

Statement of Need

EHCP (Education, Health & Care Plan)  

 We want to make sure that this support is being provided AND that you are happy with the process too.

We would really appreciate your feedback, whatever level of support your child/young person receives or doesn’t receive. Taking part in this survey will help us to gather opinions and feedback to the Local Authority.

Please click on the link below to take part.

SEND Process in Derbyshire Survey

If you have any questions about the survey then please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you

Calling For Your Social Care Evidence…

We are again calling for evidence for Social Care, we are supporting Social Care Managers of the Disabled Children’s Team by giving evidence from parents and carers when they have not been given the support they require for their child/young person with SEND and their families.

So far we have taken forward 9 cases which have been looked into again to ensure the correct decision has been made.  Where necessary cases have been reopened for an assessment to take place.  We hope in the future we are able to offer you a case study to see how we have worked together to make services better.

Our next meeting is January 24th 2017 please email us using the form below or

Thank you for taking part in the Local Offer consultation we have carried out the results are below

Local Offer Results October 2016

This will inform how the Local Offer in Derbyshire can be updated and changed to meet the needs of families.

We hope you will be pleased to know that the search facility has been improved, please try it out and give us your feedback or give feedback directly to the Local offer team.  Local Offer Home Page  feedback can be given at the bottom of the homepage or contact us Email DPCV


In Control have devised a national survey for parents, children & practitioners to answer questions on how the Education, Health and Care Plans process is progressing. Derbyshire County Council is part of this national survey and has advised  the forum they need 50 responses from parents/carers and 25 responses from children/young people. They have asked us to share this information with you. The deadline for these are the end of December 2015.

Derbyshire CC – Survey for parents of children and young people who have an Education Health and Care Plan

Derbyshire CC – Survey for children and young people who have a Education Health and Care Plan, their life and the support they get

Further information about poet is available on these links.

EHCPOET children and young people 2015

EHCPOET parent 2015

If you require a paper copy or further information please contact Caroline Dyson on 01629 538993 at Derbyshire County Council who will be able to help you.

OFSTED and CQC Consultation 

This is a consultation on Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission’s proposals for inspecting how effectively local areas fulfil their responsibilities towards children and young people who are disabled and/or have special educational needs under section 20 of the Children Act 2004. The consultation document sets out the principles under which the 2 inspectorates propose to undertake these joint inspections.

We are seeking the widest possible range of views from those who have an interest in, or expertise relating to disability and special educational needs. We particularly want to hear from disabled young people and those who have special educational needs and their parents and carers.

A further version of this consultation is provided to support the contribution of young people.

Clink this link to be take to the page with more information and the consultation

Have your say on how the Local Authority will be judged on their implementation of the SEND Reforms

Get Involved in EHC information gathering 

We have recently been working across Derbyshire and have heard mixed reports about Education Health and Social Care Plans, we are therefore conducting a short survey to find out parents views on the new process, weather you have applied for a plan and was not successful, Are you having your statement transferred to an EHC plan, You have a EHC plan already, where every you are in the process,  help us get a picture of EHC plans in Derbyshire.

Click on this link to be taken to the online

If you require a paper copy please email or call 01629 533666 and ask for Fiona Ross

UPDATE 27/11/2015 – We have now submitted a report to DCC regarding the cuts to Aiming high read the full report here Aiming High Consulation report 2015

We will keep you updated of any feedback.

Every Disabled Child Matters Report into short breaks was published last week, Read it here, thank you to all the parents who took part. Short Breaks in 2015 An uncertain future FINAL

Aiming High Short Breaks.

Sadly Short breaks are back in consultation, We are asking ALL parents/carers who use the Aiming High short breaks to take part in the consultations, there are approximately 700 Children/young people using this service, at the last consultation less than 300 questionnaires were completed. If you do not take part this service will be reduced, the proposal is for up to 40 hours per year, less than an hour a week.

Aiming High Cabinet Report _2015-07-28_tcm44-269190


Your Questions to Kathryn Boulton Following the questions raised by parents, click on this link to see Kathryn Boulton, Assistant Driector for Children’s Services response. What is Your Question to Kathryn Boulton Written Answers 3 6 15 HAVE YOUR SAY

SEND Transport 

Please find the report we submitted from parents feedback on SEND transport, we will update you on any further developments SEND Transport Report

SEND Transport – Derbyshire Parent Care Voice are collecting parent/carer feedback on there transport, Take our short survey to HAVE YOUR SAY

January Coffee events Feedback. In January we heard lots of information from parents about services, support and issues across Derbyshire. Today we have presented that information to Derbyshire County Council, who are going to respond timely to the issues raised.  Below is the report we presented and we will publish responses as soon as they are received. Januaryfeedback Please use the link below to see what  feedback we have received in regards to the January Feedback events. If you have any further comments please  get in touch with Fiona Ross or Lisa Buttery Feedback from Professionals re Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice Report (2)

Parent of Young Carers and Young Carers, have your say. Derbyshire County Council is conducting a two part consultation on the future shape and content of Derbyshire Young Carer Services.  Stage 1 consists of asking young carers, parents of young carers and professional stakeholders about their experience of current services and their aspirations for future Young Carer provision. It is vital to consult as many people as possible to make the analysis of the Young Carer Service consultations meaningful and to ensure the Council provides services that meet need. Consultation closes on the 4th May, on-line questionnaires are available through the links below : OR If you would like to request paper copies of the questionnaires please contact .

Support and Aspiration Consultation July 2014  Here is the report that went to Cabinet in July 2014, based on the answers parents gave to a Derbyshire County Council questionnaire on the future of Special  Educational Needs and Disability support, Support&ApirationConsulationanaysis Let us know what you think about the report and how progress in being made in Derbyshire.

We have been sent links to the following Derbyshire consultations, please get involved and have your say on B_line and School Crossing Patrols. B_Line consulation link  Closing date is 29th March 2015 School Crossing consultation link Closing date is 21st April 2015 This Link will open a documents that has accessible information on both consultations for young people, to help them have their say Bline Communicate in Print WORD

Information updated 24/03/15  Update on Aiming High Short Breaks consultation A consultation took place between 8th October and 15th December 2014, on the authority’s proposals to change the Aiming High short breaks scheme. We received 272 responses to the consultation.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.  We are currently considering the responses from young people and their families about the proposals.  We need more time to consider all the points that have been raised, and we anticipate a decision on what will be offered in the future later in the year. In the meantime, the current scheme will continue.  Children and young people who meet the criteria will be able to have up to 80 hours flexible one-to-one support between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016. Those families who currently receive the one to one provision, who meet the eligibility criteria and are in need of the support and wish to continue with the same provider, will not have to re-apply. However, there will be a minimum requirement for families to confirm that their circumstances remain the same. We will also continue to offer short break grants to eligible children and young people in 2015-16, as an alternative to one-to-one flexible support.  The application booklets to apply for the short break grants, and for new applications for one-to-support for 2015, will be available on the Local Offer website shortly: Group provision will continue to be offered to families from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 (up to 80 hours throughout the year as now), through the current Aiming High providers established in each area. Please see to find out more Update 23rd March 2015 Following on from November forums, Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice submitted a report to Derbyshire County Council on the proposals, It was highlighted by one of the parents Mr Mitchell that young people had not been consulted appropriately, Derbyshire County Council set up a consultation with young people, but proposed some interim arrangement which would have been in effect from April 2015.  Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice did not feel were interim arrangements were suitable for Derbyshire Parents, we asked them to reconsider,  the forum recieved the following information in a reply from Councillor Gillott last week, ” At this stage , no decisions have been taken, we are taking the time to fully consider the responses to consultations, and to explore the impact that any changes would have on families. In the meantime, no changes will be made to the current Aiming Hight scheme and the current arrangements will continue” Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice will continue to have conversation with Derbyshire County Council with regard to  Aiming High and will keep you updated. Thank you to all those parents who got involved and had their say together we can make a difference Derbyshire Parent Voice Submitted a report to those officers in attendance at the november forums and to all elected members of Derbyshire County Council on the consultation for Aiming High, below is a link to this document. when we received further updates we will post them on here Aiming High Consultation Report Across the November forums many questions were asked, below is the list, that hopefully will help you fill in the consultation, a link to the consultation is at the end of the page.

Questions from the Forums

There will be no choice of provider for group activities if only one provider in each area is sought? No there would be one provider, this would need to be retendered, but these needed to occur regardless of the proposed changes at this point. How has the conclusion been made to have only one provider? Funding two providers would mean sharing the same amount of money between two and this may not be sustainable for providers given there overhead costs of managers, location etc. Won’t taking the grant away put more pressure on providers? You could access group activities and have the grant previously so it’s unlikely to impact on these. What is Early Help Assessment? They are undertaken by the Multi Agency Team which is a mixture of professionals that are in local areas to help families. They are usually attached to a secondary school and cover the feeder primary schools. The teams are made up of Education welfare officers, family resource workers. The MAT help families who need support but are not at the social care threshold. The assessment is used to identify the needs and level of support needed. Would you still need an assessment if your child attended a special school? You would need to have an Early Help Assessment even if you child currently attends a special school Is Early Help Assessment separate to social care assessment? Yes Early Help Assessments are the first assessment if support is identified. Can you access Aiming High if you using social care support? Aiming high is aimed to provide early support, but if they identify support is needed that is more than 80 hours social care is accessed. How do you refer to MAT? You self-refer directly to them Will the MAT be able to cope with the increased work load? There would have to be capacity and MAT would have to be trained by March to complete the assessment for Aiming High. Will it actually save money as the work load of MAT will be increased? Yes, although here is a cost with assessment and capacity of MAT needs to be assured there changes will make savings. Will people be left with waiting without services? We wouldn’t expect people to be waiting for an assessment although we would need to make sure there is enough staff and they have the skills needed to complete the assessments. Is the criteria for groups as well as one to one? No just one to one support. If you currently access the aiming high short breaks grant what do you do? You would need an Early Help Assessment, if the proposals are agreed. The Short breaks grant would not be available after April 2015 and you would need the assessment to access one to one support. You could access the group support without an assessment also. Some people chose the grant because e the child doesn’t fit in to activities what about these children? They would have to access one to one support, the opening up of the provider list would offer them more choice and we have found the grant has not always made a big difference as it has been abused in the past. Is there a separate consultation for young people? The inclusion has been working on this but there is no separate consultation therefore a parent would have to completed the consultation with the child in mind What is the cost of 80 hours of support? Cost per person is £1210 per year averaged across 5-17 year olds. Will all children have to try the group activities first before getting one to one support? No its down to the MAT assessment for one to one support, parents can outline why the groups are not suitable and one to one support is needed. During the assessment Do children who access aiming high access any other services? They shouldn’t do if they require support of more than 80 hours they should be accessing it through social care this will stay the same as it has always been. What is the threshold for accessing social care? It depends on the family, the criteria is on the local offer, is set for those children at high risk of neglect and family breakdown so the threshold is high. Would you be able to change providers if you were not happy? Yes would go back to the MAT worker and this can be arranged What if you had Aiming High support written to your Education Health and Social Care plan? Aiming high is not a statutory service so it may be wrote in the plan but it doesn’t mean you have to have it provided; you would not be able to challenge it at tribunal like other parts of the plan. 121 providers are full now this will just get worse wont it? No because its can be spot purchased, providers will be able to take more children than they currently do. The current system caps the number of children to spread it across three providers, the new system would mean anyone can use any provider on the framework, and as long as that provider has staff it can be spot purchased. Who would hold the budget for spot purchases? Derbyshire County Council would hold the budget and purchase the support of your behalf. Are direct payment effected? No that is a social care budget. Aiming High is for people who require early help. Could you change if you weren’t happy? Yes there would be a notice period but this might not be enforced if they are not meeting your child needs. There are long waits already to swop provides wont this get worse? MAT should help reduce the back log to help move become quicker. If a few provides were interesting to you could you meet them before making a decision? You could meet organisation but individual workers would be more difficult. Shouldn’t it go to 25 with the new legislation? We could but it would have the same budget so the support would be spread even further, over 18s have access to other services as well. Who will pick up these children after 17? It would be the same as now they would need a Post 18 assessment through the Care Act. Where is the framework of providers? On Derbyshire. Gov. website but there will be support to access this if the proposals go ahead. Are you consulting with providers? Yes everyone is invited to take part. Would voluntary services offer better value for money? Local voluntary offer better value for money sometimes but it’s not that clear cut. So more people will be able to access support under the proposal but there will be less money? Yes Are the services been cut because they are not fully used currently? Yes it is not fully used Is access to Aiming High related to if you work? No How do you know if a summer scheme is funded through the Aiming High grant? If it ran this summer it ran without Aiming High funding, and there or the provider is funding the scheme through another route. There is currently a consultation taking place on  the Aiming High offer, if you would like to have your say please click on the link below. We encourage you to have your say on this, the more parents who are involved the better the information will be the consultation is available to comment on until 15th December 2014.

HAVE YOUR SAY We have been alterted to a government consultaiton  for children with SEND, and funding distribution. Please click on the link for more information. Open consultation: Funding for children and young people with SEND Consultation closed 27th Feburary 2015

HAVE YOUR SAY We have been alerted to this consultation taking place: CHILDREN’S CENTRE REVIEW In May and June of this year we ran a consultation to seek the views on a number of options to offer support to children within our available budget. The consultation also sought views on the criteria that would be used to select Children’s Centres for further detailed proposals and equality impact assessment work. The second stage of the consultation will be taking place from 8 October to 21 January based on four proposals:

  • The full closure of two centres: Ashbourne and Duffield
  • Reduce the opening hours of ten centres from five days a week to two days a week and staggering their opening times so services are still available in particular areas- Arkwright, Bakewell, Crich, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Coton-in-the-Elms, Killamarsh, Sandiacre, Tupton, West Hallam and Wirksworth
  • Transfer the children’s centre services at Langwith and Castle Gresley to other sites as the current sites are not fit for purpose
  • Transfer some services from Gamesley Children’s Centre to Gamesley Early Excellence Centre building as it is in the heart of the community and already used well by children and families.

The consultation can be completed online at Paper questionnaires are available at the Children’s Centres which form part of the proposals and they will also be holding “drop in” sessions where staff will be available to record feedback on the proposals. The findings and further report to Cabinet will be submitted in March 2015. For further information contact Tracy Marsh, Commissioning Manager tel no: 01629 536451