The Educational Psychology Service are hoping to gain the views of parents regarding the written feedback they provide about their work with children in school.  They are hoping that this will inform the way they provide feedback in the future and would value your opinion to either or both of the following questions.

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Short Breaks Consultation

Derbyshire County Council are carrying out a consultation on Short Breaks for disabled children, young people and their families.

For more information and to complete the survey click HERE



How Welcome Do You Feel Survey

This survey is now closed, the report will be shared once completed.

Please see the information and link below:

This survey is to gather the positive inclusive experiences of families with a child or young person with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) when receiving education.  We are looking to share and use this good practice to help other schools and educational settings across the county to become more inclusive.

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Thank you to everyone who took part in our last survey ‘SEND Family Lockdown January 2021’  the report is now complete and can be viewed by following the link below.

SEND Family Lockdown 2021 Report


This survey is now closed, a report is being written with your results.  Thank you to everyone who has taken part.  The report will be published shortly.

SEND Family Lockdown January 2021 Survey

Over the last year we have carried out survey’s relating to life in lockdown and how this has affected your child and/or young persons education.  This survey is asking you as parent carers what you are finding useful, what is working well and what is not working so well.  Follow the link to our survey which will be open until Sunday the 14th of February.

Survey Link


Additional survey for Derbyshire County Council’s Call for views specifically for young people can be found here – Call For Views, Young Person’s Survey

Derbyshire County Council – Call for Views

SEND Sufficiency Summary – December 2020

Following the completion of a strategic study, Derbyshire County Council (DCC) are undertaking a short period of informal consultation where we are calling for views in relation to increasing educational provision within the county for children and young people with special educational needs and disability (SEND).

A county wide plan will be developed based on the following principles

  • Wherever possible, children with special educational needs and disability will be educated as close to home as possible based on their needs being met, to ensure their place in their local community, and to reduce daily or unnecessary travelling.
  • The sufficiency plan will aim to increase the choice of provision available to families within their local area.
  • Where possible and appropriate children will be educated within their local community mainstream provision, alongside their peers.

Please find a link to the where the call for views range of questions can be found. Also included is a summary of the strategic report and the full desktop analysis of information compiled to date by DCC in November 2020, which indicates the need for increased provision. A period of formal consultation will follow at a later date and be informed by the views gathered through this process.

We are currently gathering the views of all stakeholders up to 12.00 Noon on Friday 29th January 2021.


Below is the feedback from the Local Authority in relation to the Back to Education After Lockdown Report 2020

Many thanks to Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice for the return of the Back to Education after Lockdown survey which allows us to gather more information on how things are going for our children, young people and parents during these changing times. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to respond to the survey. Responses continue to rise, and are very helpful in aiding the council to plan support going forwards.

The council are very pleased to find that for the majority of children and young people the return to school has been a positive experience and many are very pleased to spend time with their friends again. There are many positive comments about the actions school staff have taken and the excellent routines put in place to help children and young people settle back into school life.

We are also aware that for some children, young people and parents this has been a very difficult and anxious time and we are working very closely with school colleagues to ensure that emotional wellbeing is supported as much as possible through access to joint working and specialist services. This also includes close communications with colleagues in other areas such as transport and health services.

 Through the survey results and regular communications during September we understand that for many children transport arrangements were in place quickly and aided a settled return to school. However, for a small number of children and families the journey to school and transport arranged was not initially as smooth, and the transport team worked very hard to improve communications and arrangements to ensure problems and anxieties were addressed as quickly as possible.

We have also noted the suggestions for making the return to school even better and will be sharing these thoughts with our colleagues in schools and settings to give them further ideas for reducing any anxieties, including the use of outside space and ensuring that parents comply with social distancing when collecting their children. It is clear that knowing the children individually and preparing for their return with clear communication pathways has been the key to a successful return for many families.

 Thank you again for this excellent piece of work.



Please find the report for the Back to Education After Lockdown Report

Thank you for sharing your views to enable us to report back to the Local Authority and the Department for Education on how the reality has been for families in the return to education for their children and you people with SEND.

We have now requested feedback from the Local Authority in light of this and will get this information to you as soon as we receive it.

Back to Education After Lockdown Report 2020



All surveys are now closed, we will report within a week and request feedback following the report.


Back to Education After Lockdown

Share Your Views with the Local Authority & Department for Education

Before the summer we carried out two surveys to gain your opinions on the return to education (all below on this page), we are now asking how it has been for children and young people with SEND 0-25 and their families in their return to education in our new survey below:

Survey Link

This Survey will be open from Monday 28th September until Sunday the 11th of October, in preparation with a meeting with the Department for Education on the 16th October.  The report will be shared within a week of the closure of the survey and feedback from the Local Authority the following week.

Thank you for your time



Calling All Glossop Families – Survey Open Until Friday 9th October

If you received health care from Tameside and Glossop, it’s important to complete this survey to ensure your views are heard.

For more information follow this link Glossop Health Survey




We have received the following feedback from Iain Peel Service Director for Schools and Learning, today in relation to the report compiled from the survey we carried out in June and July.  If you would like to ask any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Survey Feedback


‘COVID-19 Survey for Individuals Living with Autism Spectrum Condition and/or Learning Disabilities and their Carers.’

Consultation Link

 This is a consultation run by Derbyshire County Council & Derby & Derbyshire CCGs.


Please find below the Key Area’s Second Survey Report below:

Key Areas Second Survey 14th July 2020 Report

We look to update this post with feedback from Educational Settings via the Local Authority as soon as we receive it.


This survey is now closed

Report to follow 15th July 2020


Second Survey:

This survey will be open until the 8th July and reported by the 15th July.  This is to ensure educational settings have your views in preparation for more children/young people returning to school in September – Your Views Count

To support the return to schools and educational settings within the guidelines of Central Government, Derbyshire County Council would like your views on what your concerns are for your child and/or young person.  We would like to rate the suggestions given and also add comments on anything else that you feel should be considered.

All views are anonymous and once collated and reported the data will be shared with the Local Authority and relevant services to ensure the safe return of our children and young people.

Additional questions have been added to this second survey.

Share your views Here


Results are now available from the latest survey, shared with the Local Authority, health and educational psychology to ensure your priorities are addressed for your child or young person returning to school.  Click below to see the results

Survey Results



To support the return to schools and educational settings within the guidelines of Central Government, Derbyshire County Council would like your views on what your concerns are for your child and/or young person.  We would like to rate the suggestions given and also add comments on anything else that you feel should be considered.

All views are anonymous and once collated and reported the data will be shared with the Local Authority and relevant services to ensure the safe return of our children and young people.

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Talking About Tomorrow

You may already be aware of the survey on transitions to adulthood titled ‘Talking about Tomorrow’ The survey is funded by the Dept for Health and Social Care for parents and carers of young disabled people aged 14 and over.  

To complete the survey and for more information, follow this link:  


All Posts Below are OLD Posts

They are left for your information only some links may no longer be active.

NOW ENDED – Short Breaks Consultation 2020 – NOW ENDED

Please follow the links to find out more and to take part in Derbyshire County Councils consultations on Short Breaks for disabled children, young people and their families.

Parent Carer Consultation

Child/Young Person Consultation

Ensure your views are given so your families voice is heard.


Has your child or young person been diagnosed with ADHD in the North Derbyshire?

Chesterfield Royal Hospital have devised together with Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice, a questionnaire to improve the patient experience and working together with families to make the ADHD services in North Derbyshire as efficient as possible.

ADHD Survey


Annual SEND Process In Derbyshire Survey

Annually we carry out the SEND Process in Derbyshire survey to compare year-on-year how Derbyshire has improved and to highlight where improvements need to be made. This report forms part of the parent/carer views, concerns and ideas which contribute to the Derbyshire SEND Strategy.

All survey responses are anonymous and all comments are shared as part of the survey report via the Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice website, social media and within education, health and social care.

Click HERE to take part.



Mental Health

Working with Futures in Mind, we have developed a few simple questions to gather views about the mental health and wellbeing of families who have children/young people with SEND. This will enable us to pass the information gained to Futures in Mind and other organisations that provide mental health support for families. We can also use this information to further develop surveys in more specific areas.

To share your views Click Here

the survey will close on the 19th of May 2019.

Derbyshire Home School Transport

The SEND Home to School Transport Review was established with dual aims:

  • To identify opportunities to increase independence-building; and
  • To maintain sustainable costs through identifying alternative ways of managing travel assistance without cutting services. 

This survey would like your views on independence-building and on being more flexible in how we provide travel assistance.

We would like you to complete this survey to ensure parent/carers are heard and their views, ideas and suggestions are used.

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The Local Offer

Derbyshire Local Offer is currently being revamped and to ensure it is more user friendly and contains relevant information we asked for your views.

To see the report on this consultation click here

If you haven’t already seen the Local Offer you can check it out here: 

Derbyshire Local Offer

SEND Process In Derbyshire

REPORT AVAILABLE HERE  2018 Survey Report – SEND Process in Derbyshire

How have you found the Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) Process In Derbyshire?

We want you views positive and negative, we carried out this survey throughout January and February last year and it would be great to have a comparison just over a year on.

This survey will be open from Monday 21st May 2018 to Friday the 20th July, this will be reported back to the you as parent/carers within a week, this will also be reported back to the Local Authority  with recommendation.

A further comparative report will be issued shortly after.

Here is the link SEND Process In Derbyshire Survey  and we look forward to reading your views.

Thank you in advance for your time, we hope this will support the good practice and remedy the bad



Quick Snap Surveys

Reports now available here: Survey Results

We have two surveys that are available from Thursday the 12th April until Sunday the 15th April to review previously looked at areas.

We carried out a surveys on the GRIP (Graduated Response for Individual Pupil) in March-April 2017 and we would like to see if those views have changed over the year.

We also asked the question a few months ago if parent/carers were aware of what My SEND Learning Plan was and if so was it useful.

We are reporting on this to the Local Authority on Monday the 16th of April, this report will also be on this website for you to view.

Thank you in advance for your time.

GRIP Survey

My SEND Learning Plan




Consultation on Residential and Foster Care Placements

Report available here

Derbyshire County Council has commissioned the charity Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice from January to mid-February 2018 to consult with:

  • Parent and carers of children with additional needs using residential or foster care, including respite care
  • Parent carers of children with additional needs that do not use residential or foster care
  • Paid staff that work alongside families of children with additional needs for example, Social Workers, Foster Carers, Community Care Workers, Health Workers, Residential Staff, Outreach Workers etc.

The consultation seeks your views on the relative strengths and disadvantages of foster and residential care as a placement option for children with additional needs.

Please follow the appropriate link below to access the survey’s, thank you in advance for your time.

Parent Carers That DON’T USE an Overnight Placement Service

Parent Carers of Children Under 18 Using an Overnight Placement Service

Professionals (including Foster Carers)


Your Views Required

Does your child/young person have a My SEND Learning Plan? We NEED to hear your feedback on the process, your involvement and how you think it is working.





Your Views Required

The below link is a letter from the Derbyshire County Council to gain your views, please take a little time to have a look and follow the links on the letter so send your views.

Letter to parents and children for POET Survey



Service Gaps?

Have you been affected since the closure of Children’s Centres or the end of Aiming High?

We have developed a working relationship with Healthwatch Derbyshire and now hold regular meetings to discuss what issues are currently being faced through health social care services and if these issues are becoming a trend!  If this is the case a piece of work is carried out to see how changes can be made to resolve these continuing issues.

While we also work alongside Disabled Children’s Social Care Service our first request of calling for evidence matches both of these areas.

The area in we would like to hear from you is in the gaps in services since the closure of Children’s Centres, we appreciate that this number may be limited to families with children/young people with SEND.  So we would like to know what gaps have arisen since the end of Aiming High funding in September 2016.

Please complete the form below, this information will be used in relation to Healthwatch Derbyshire and Disabled Children’s Social Care Service.  If you would like to remain anonymous please say.  If you would like us to use your details please give us your name and your child/young person’s name as some cases will be looked into to look at the service previously provided and if there is possibility of a service being provided.


GRIP (Graduated Response for Individual Pupil) in Derbyshire

In Derbyshire the Local Authority provide funding for pupils whose needs are not being met through SEN Support but felt not appropriate to begin the process for an Education, Health and Care Plan.

If you have had experience of going through the GRIP process, please complete our survey below.  This information will be used to make the process easier to access and understand.  Schools are also being sent a school related survey on the GRIP to support their access and understanding.

GRIP Survey


We have a quick Questionnaire on SEND Transport

We are taking your views forward to initiate a Transport Task Group, more views we get the more we can influence the direction of this group.

The group will be lead by the project manager who is doing the annual transport review and parents and carers.  After this initial questionnaire we may need too do a Survey Monkey to get expand to get views where Derbyshire County Council need them to inform their decision.

SEND Transport Survey 2017 once completed please email to (no need to print it out just over type in the boxes).  We will finish taking comments on the 31st March but will keep you updated on our work.

Parents and carers are working alongside the local authority with this and if you are interested in joining a task group please let us know by contacting us filling the contact form below.


Speech & Language Therapy Consultation

The Bercow: Ten Years On inquiry is open. Share your experiences of support for speech, language and communication needs.


Changes to Children’s Surgery & Anaesthesia Services

We are currently consulting on proposals to change the way children’s surgery and anaesthesia services are provided in the region.

Click below to find out more and have your say

Consultation Document and Survey

SEND Process in Derbyshire

The Local Authority has a legal duty to assess and cater for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN). They work in partnership with schools and also provide specialist support services and facilities for a range of learning and behavioural problems and for physical and sensory impairments.

Schools have a responsibility to make provision for pupils with special educational needs (SEN). This support might be:

SEN Support

GRIP (Graduated Response to Individual Pupils)

ETAEYS (Funding for Early Years)

Statement of Need

EHCP (Education, Health & Care Plan)  

 We want to make sure that this support is being provided AND that you are happy with the process too.

We would really appreciate your feedback, whatever level of support your child/young person receives or doesn’t receive. Taking part in this survey will help us to gather opinions and feedback to the Local Authority.

Please click on the link below to take part.

SEND Process in Derbyshire Survey

If you have any questions about the survey then please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you