Additional Information and Support

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Autism Awareness Week

One of our fabulous young people has been involved in making a short film about Autism.  Please check it out Autism Awareness



Employment Considerations:

Is your son/daughter able to consider employment? Look out for companies who are ‘disability confident’. This is a government campaign which encourages employers to recruit people who are disabled.

For more info:


Dental Hygiene:

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can be a big problem when it comes to maintaining dental hygiene for our children. Some top tips here:


Myth Buster:

Let’s bust some myths around accessing support. Thanks Cerebra.


DLA Application Advice:

Worth a read through if you’re just about to start applying for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for your child.


Caring for an Anxious Child/Young Person:

Caring for an anxious child can be extremely difficult for a parent. Cerebra’s guide describes common signs of anxiety and gives you information on how to spot signs of anxiety in children with intellectual disability. It also details specific anxiety disorders. It outlines the ways professionals assess anxiety and offers strategies you can use to help your child reduce their levels of anxiety.


Supporting Your Son/Daughter Who Has Hearing Loss:

When it comes to helping your son/daughter who has hearing loss, turning on the subtitles is an obvious thing to do to help them but even for those children who have no problem with hearing, it can aid reading skills too. Have a listen to Stephen Fry