Management Group

Management Team

We are looking for new and enthusiastic members to become trustees of our charity and join our management team.


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  • Could you work together as a critical friend to the local authority and health services?
  • Would you be able to challenge decisions and look to improve services and support for those living with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities?
  • Are you happy to gather and listen to feedback from parent/carers throughout Derbyshire and collate views on all aspects of Special Educational Needs and Disability?
  • Can you look at targeting work on those issues that are important to and on behalf of Derbyshire families in order to improve services and outcomes?
  • Are you passionate about empowering parents to participate in meetings and events with health, voluntary and local authority services?
  • Could you share information and best practice to all relevant parties in an effective and meaningful way



Do you think that this could be you? If so, please follow the link below for an application form.

Application Form






Your management group is:


Tracey Green – Chair

To be updated soon

Vanessa Moloney – Secretary

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vanessa-wragg    Vanessa Wragg – Treasurer    

I am a mum of two teenagers. My youngest has Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, dyspraxia and sensory processing difficulties. It was a long arduous road to diagnoses and I have learnt a lot along the way. Meeting other parents and numerous professional has been invaluable. I feel passionate about empowering others on their journeys.  Information is power!

joanna-heeley     Joanna Heeley – Trustee    

I am a parent of two beautiful girls. My youngest is 14 years old and lives with Cerebral Palsy. I feel passionate about empowering parents with SEN children to provide the best care and life opportunities for the, I see this being done through sharing information, providing support and being a voice to/for parents and cares. I have been fortunate in having a social work background (adults with learning difficulties and Mental Health). This has enabled me to plough thought he minefield of education social and health services for my daughter,. At times I have cried, screamed and felt total despair dealing with the roller coaster ride of providing the quality of life my daughter deserves. Many people work within the disability field, but until you have lived with in it, you do not appreciate the value of respect, honesty, transparency, care, ‘can do’ attitudes and your voice being heard.

angela-shepherd   Angela Shepherd – Trustee

I am married with two children, one of whom has Special Educational Needs. I have worked in a caring profession for nearly 30 years. I am extremely passionate about promoting fairness and a voice for all. I have been a trustee of Fairplay for nearly 10 years so i have a good understanding of the changing needs of children and young people as well as the extended family, and parents/carers. I am motivate to be a trustee of Derbyshire Parent Carer voice to advocate my own passion and that of others to families and professionals alike. I have a good working knowledge of Local and governmental changes and strive to keep parents and carers informed of this.


Louise Cheung – Trustee and Social Media Volunteer 

I have been involved with Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice for a few years. I have a son at secondary mainstream schools, who has complex needs including deafness, a mild learning disability and a rare genetic disorder. Being around other parents in similar circumstances, weaving our way though laws, guidelines,’ must dos’ and ‘should dos’ seems more do-able when you know you are not on your own. I help out whenever I can with the group as I think having a parent/carer voice is important for both the local authority and parents/carers, what has happened to one parent/carer is no doubt happening to someone else, and so sharing ideas and  practice among all of us is crucial and very beneficial.

Louise Bailey – Trustee

To be updated     

Lynne Stevenson – Trustee and Volunteer

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Elaine Pauk – Trustee

To be updated

Cyrilene Cullen – Trustee

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Lisa Hodgson & Clare Griffiths – Coordinators

If you are interested in the role of Trustee with out named responsibility and would like to know more about, time commitments, meetings, or responsibilities please talk to Lisa or Clare on 01629 533666  or email

Get Involved to make a difference in Derbyshire services.

The management group is made up of Parents with a child or young person with a disability  or Special Educational Need who are active within the local forums. If you would like to become a champion for your district and join our management group please get in touch with on 01629 533666 or Email

The notes from the meeting are available via this link  agm-minutes

The Constitution was formally accepted by the Management Group at the AGM a copy of the constitution is here charitystatusconsitution the Management Group are seeking to apply for Charity Incorporated Status, over the next year.