Short Breaks

Your Short Breaks service will be cut if we don’t take action.  The consultation is now live so go online and have your say about these changes.

Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice want to put another report together to present to Derbyshire County Council, so after the EHC workshops, which are taking place over the next few weeks we are going to be talking to parents/carers and getting your feedback. We want to hear from everyone about how they use their short breaks around 700 children/young people access a short break through Aiming High, What difference it makes to your family?, what would happen if it was cut?,  We would like to also talk to anyone who uses it to access a weekly group for example swimming or dancing, how will the proposed 40 hours a year affect you?

If you are not able to make a meeting but want to be involved or give us your feedback to please contact Fiona Ross or Lisa Buttery, any information you give us will remain confidential (see our policy below) and any reports written will not identify individuals or families.

confidentiality Policy