Calling South Derbyshire Families

If your child or young person has received an assessment for Autism or ADHD in the last 3years?  If so please click the link below to share your views on this process (called the Neuro Development Pathway), this does not have to have resulted in a diagnosis.

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Contact – for families with disabled children, support local Parent/Carer Forums across the Country. The grant for the Local Forums is given by Contact through a grant application and close monitoring of funds. As part of the grant conditions a memorandum of understanding must be gained by the Local Authority within that area and show support to the Local Forum, the Chair of the Charitable Board for Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice has to also agree to the Memorandum of Understanding given below:

We also require the forum to agree to the same principles and to also sign up to work in partnership.

  • We commit to uphold the principles of the SEND Code of Practice and to work in partnership with the local authority/health organisations to improve local services for children and young people with SEND.
  • We recognise the local authority and health organisations as our strategic local partners.
  • We value the role of the local authority and health organisations in carrying out their statutory duties and will raise issues from parent carers providing constructive feedback through open dialogue, and challenging partners when necessary.
  • We agree to work together with respect and as equal partners. 

Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice are bound by the grant regulations from Contact who deliver the grant on behalf of the Department for Education, as well as the Charity Commission.

Contact – for families with disabled children, also provide other information and services:

Our story

We were founded in the 1970s by families of disabled children, who recognised that even if their child’s conditions were different, they shared a common experience – of being a family with a disabled child. They understood how important it is to support each other.  We are here for all families with disabled children – supporting families, bringing families together and helping families take action for others. 

A lot has changed since then but some things haven’t changed nearly enough. There is a desperate lack of services and support for the 620,000 parents in the UK who care for a disabled child. As a result, families face a huge range of challenges and many feel isolated and alone.  Coping with extra financial costs and practical challenges can put an enormous strain on daily life, with families more likely to face emotional issues, stress and anxiety.

Our vision is that families with disabled children feel valued and are strong, confident and able to make the decisions that are right for them. 

Contact have:

Advice and support to offer –

Medical Information –

Health –

Social Care –

Child and Family Wellbeing –

Education and Learning –

Benefits and Financial help –

And much more can be found on the Contact website – 



**Please note change of date for Buxton due to another parent/carer event taking place in the High Peak area**

Review Of Support, Services and Provision for Children & Young People with High Needs

(Special Educational Needs & Disability – SEND)

Strategic Plan Discussion Workshops

As the ISOS review continues they would like to meet with parent/carers to share their recommendations.  These meetings are not Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice Workshops but we do want to support parent/carers in getting their voices heard through different avenues.  The ISOS review is an excellent way to get your views into the strategic planning for the future of Derbyshire County Council.

A letter from Derbyshire County Council:

Very many thanks so far for your support for the strategic review of support, services and provision for children and young people with high needs in Derbyshire. We are very grateful to colleagues for contributing views to the review so far.

You may recall that, at the start of the review, we planned to approach the work in three distinct phases. Phase one would focus on gathering and triangulating evidence about how arrangements for supporting young people with high needs is working currently. Phase two would focus on testing these findings and shaping strategic recommendations for the future. The final phase, phase three, would then focus on developing a strategic action plan for how these findings should be taken forward and the recommendations put into practice.

Our Isos colleagues have now completed phases one and two. Based on the evidence we have gathered and the discussions with partners such as you, we have drawn together our key findings and recommendations. As we move into the final phase of the review, we would like to engage you again in order to help shape the strategy and actions that will be needed to put the review’s findings into practice. We want to do this so that there is broad consensus across the system about what will happen as a result of the review and to ensure the review’s findings can be implemented effectively.

To do that, we would like to invite you to be part of a small discussion with some other parents / carers to help to identify some of the key opportunities for parents / carers to work with the local authority, schools and colleges, and other services to shape support and services for young people with SEND and high needs in Derbyshire. Throughout the review, this is what we have called “co-production”. The aim of the workshops will be to build on the work our Isos colleagues have done so far and to help to identify opportunities for co-production, and plan out with parents / carers what solutions they would like to see to some of the challenges the review has highlighted and the practical steps in which these solutions could be taken forward.

These workshops will be organised on a locality basis, to ensure that parents/carers are able to attend a workshop that is relatively local to them. We would like to invite you to attend one of the following workshops:

1st March – 10:00:12:00 – Hilton House Hotel, Hilton – book here.

8th March – 10:00:12:00 – Masson Mill, Matlock Bath – book here. 

12th March – 10:00:12:00 – Lee Wood, Buxton – book here.

We very much hope that you are able to attend. Isos colleagues have found the earlier discussions very useful in helping them to develop and shape the substance of the review, and we want to ensure that the final phase of the review can be completed in this spirit of co-production.

Many thanks in advance for your support for this important piece of work.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice at 01629533666, or Mark Emly at 01629532969

Review Of Support, Services and Provision for Children & Young People with High Needs

(Special Educational Needs & Disability – SEND)


Following the feedback sessions that have taken been presented so far, please see a statement from Derbyshire County Council below:

‘On behalf of the SEND Strategic Board please find here the power point slides relating to the first stage of the ISOS Partnership’s SEND Strategic Review within Derbyshire and that have recently been delivered at a series of workshops. Thank you for contributing to the process so far as it vital that all stakeholders are fully involved throughout. The next stage of the review will be developing the themes and key strategic priorities in more detail to inform the recommendations arising from the review. As a SEND Strategic Board we are totally committed to actively responding to the findings and recommendations to improve the provision for young people with SEND, 0-25 in Derbyshire and we will not wait until the final report in May where there is the opportunity to take action now.’




Review Of Support, Services and Provision for Children & Young People with High Needs

(Special Educational Needs & Disability – SEND)


Derbyshire County Council would like to thank parent/carers for their support for the strategic review of support, services and provision for children and young people with high needs in Derbyshire and are very grateful for the views contributed so far, particularly those who attended the workshops on Monday 8th October and those who completed the online survey.

For the next stage of the review, ISOS colleagues will be putting together and analysing all of the feedback and evidence that they have gathered. ISOS would like to invite parent/carers to attend one of two Feedback Workshops to share and feedback the messages and evidence gathered. Derbyshire County Council colleagues will also be attending these workshops and ISOS will facilitate discussions on how they can take forward the findings of this review and work with parents and carers.

To book please click on the link below:

Monday 3rd December 2018 10.00 – 11.30 at Lee Wood Hotel, Buxton

ISOS have prepared a short online survey through which parents and carers can provide their feedback and this is still available to complete.  (You are also very welcome to complete the online survey if you are planning to attend one of the workshops.) The survey can be found here and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

A copy of the letter sent out to families and professionals can be found HERE