Update on EHC Information Gathering

UPDATED 18/12/15 – Get Involved in EHC information gathering 

We recently asked you to get involved with information gathering about Education Health and Social care plans, some parents and carers told us about challenges at the September forums, some parents and carers completed the online survey and some came to a specific information meeting to tell us about the EHC process for them. From all these areas Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice collated information and produced an EHC report.  Some parents and carers then went on to create and present a presentation to Derbyshire County Council staff, and following this had discussions on the process.   We are waiting for further responses from Derbyshire County Council but we wanted you to know where we had got too and what was happening so far.

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When we have further updates we will post them here.  The forum aims to work in coproduction with Derbyshrire County Council, but we can only do this with your feedback and information on the services and processess you have to navigate. if you have any questions or would like any other information about this task group please get in touch with Fiona  or Lisa on 01629 533 666 or email info.dpcv@derbyshire.gov.uk

Together parents and carers can make a difference